Photo of myself

Jaume López

I am a passionate student who is deeply interested in technology, programming, databases, artificial intelligence, and cryptography..

About me

In this paper, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jaume López, I'm years old, and I study at Sant Andreu School (Badalona). Since I started coding with Scratch at the age of 10, my passion for the world of technology has been increasing. In my free time, I enjoy a lot watching films, Tv series, playing videogames with my friends or just talking with them. I am also keen on astronomy and space since I have always thought that are a lot of interesting things to explore out there.
Recently I have been working on personal projects such as ChainEx ( a Python encryption and decryption tool) or Famicon Platform (a PHP familiar interactive agenda).

Last four years I had been actively contributing to scientific open projects that have been presented to the World Robot Olympiad's Judges (National & International competitions) in Thailand (2018) and Hungary (2019). 

Apart from that, I have also tried some CTFs and Hackathons to meet new folks. Nowadays, I'm part of Hackers@UPC, a student organization that organizes events such as HackUPC
Talking about the future, I'm looking forward to finding out new opportunities to expand my knowledge and create new contacts, friends, and partners.